born to be an hairstylist.

His educational path touches the best world academies improving an art which he has been gifted from his birth.
He comes from generation of families of hairdrasser and stylist so to have this art imprinted directly into DNA.

Deep passion, a word that can reflect everything,  passion for life tied to a thin wire, to the work that already in swaddling pulsates beneath the skin, but above all passion for women, inspiring muses without a doubt, forever…
Here's a hair-stylist,Marco Fava, who tied his passion for life to the hair,recognizing an important role in the constant evolution of this huge global village  like the world.
A world with less and less barriers,quick to chance its forms, greatly influenced by time and fashions ,where everything repeats itself, everything is 

transformed and, while looking to the future, it thinks back to the past...

It would be easy to talk about Marco as son of art, of one who has gone to the best academies in the world, from Vidal Sasson to Trevor mf1Sorby, Advertising hairdresser 'as important as that for Alitalia and throughout the U.S. market, returning from the most' important show of the globe - New York, Madrid, Paris, London, Rome - There 'where the various styles born to be matched that will influence all over the world linked to the image."I also have my secrets to anticipate trends and discover them advance."
Hearing him talk about the hair and the look that combines the women fascinates any listener, expressing undoubtedly a deep knowledge of fashion and its evolution,almost moving aside, however, recognizing himself many times indispensable collaborator of the most important photographers. 
I believe too much in the desire and ability to express itself, cause it's also happens to me, when i'm around the world, even the most small signal give me an emotion, something triggered in me…an ordinary woman who walks along Piccadilli Circus, a flamenco dancer on a Barcellona's street, a fugitive look at the airport, i find it extraordinary in women because it's a fascinating world for me that intrigues me and enjoy me more and more.
I love women in all their expressions, especially if they can maintain unchanged that femininity that land me linked to them forever, as in the style of "Ferre" where the woman is elegant and feminine, or "Valentino" who dresses even the most simple woman turning it into a princess, or what i call the absolute style: the woman of "Armani". 
"I believe for a hairdresser like me, who knows about fortune to be able to start just with a comb and scissors to be able to travel around the world, is difficult to be numb at social status developments of women that require more and more attentions, and this is object of constant improvement with my collaborators, always try to interpret dreams of women who choose us every day, to be as unique as their know to be…"